Zug Bros.


Alex and Jacob Zug moved to Murfreesboro, TN (2015) to pursue their careers as professionals in the music industry. While enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University to study Music Business & Audio Production,  the two brothers formed an alternative rock band titled ZÜG, composing for commercial usage, and have produced some tracks for other artists'. The brothers are trying to expand their music creativity where everyone can be a part of. This website is a hub for artists to express there differences and similarities through their passion, art. With each collaborative process the brothers create shows not just a service but an investment in time to believe in something and actually do it. Investing in one another is the root of confidence and development. 


that shares original content of the unmarked truth between humanity and the universe. The creative duo are songwriters at heart  and are inspired to write anything that coms to mind making the brand ZÜG genderless so to speak. Come see what ZÜG is all about.  (something about diverse and epic shiiiet) 

Zug Productions is a hub for artists to express there differences and similarities through art. With each