It's all about your art...

Zug Productions is a creative service company that specializes in music production at an independent level. The LLC specializes in composing/songwriting, sound-for-picture, and mixing. The mission for this business is to service future clientele and establish relationships within the entertainment industry. 

What We Do...


Progression | Orchestration


Creation | Collaboration


Scoring & Sound Design


Logic Pro X | Pro Tools 12


Post Production


Stock music doesn't always match with the logic and/or groove for the nature of the brand. Every video is just better when the music is written to edit. Zug Productions creative approach is to match the orchestration with the logic to create that tailor-made feel for the brand itself. 



Melodic hooks, jingles, string composition, etc.



From creation to collaboration. All Beats are work tapes, demos, ideas, and are available for revisions and licensing . For more info -- please contact us.